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What is a Neuropsychological Evaluation?

A pediatric neuropsychological evaluation is an assessment used to identify a child's overall abilities and skills and possible pockets of weakness. It provides a clear picture of underlying reasons behind difficulties a child may be experiencing, and acts as a blueprint for finding appropriate tools and solutions that will allow a child succeed. 

A neuropsychological evaluation is rather in depth, looking at all parts of neuropsychological functioning, and will take many hours to conduct. Specific testing will be conducted based on the presenting issues. Initially, parents/caregivers will be interviewed, followed by a close observation of the child as well as extensive written and verbal testing. 

At the end of an evaluation, findings are discussed and recommendations are presented to the family. Such recommendations are used to guide a child's educational needs and services. 

Dr. Sepideh Homayoonfar is a child-clinical psychologist with specialization in neuropsychological evaluations for learning and attentional issues.

Office Telephone: 516-484-1200

Office Address: 45 North Station Plaza Suite 206 Great Neck NY

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